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Some Weird Bathroom Gadgets

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A good sense of humour is always good. It gives you a reason to relax and even fuels your creativity and productivity.

1. Electric Bath Duck: Please don’t use this one; only store to amuse your guests:


2. Serial Killer / Psycho shower curtain

If you are a fan of those scary movies where all most terrible things happen in the shower, this “psycho” shower curtain should appeal to you:



3. Blood bath mat

A cool companion to the aforementioned shower curtain to create a most complete interior design:


4. Disgusting soap dispenser

Push on the nose, and you will get an opportunity to wash your hands with the green stuff that gets out of the nostrils:


5. Handsoap

Ever wanted to wash your hands with, well, hands? These would not look as odd to me, be it hands of an adult person… But babies!


6. HELP! drain stopper

This drain stopper is a must-have:


7. Pet vomit toothpaste

These “Toothpaste Heads” claim to make teeth brushing more fun but I really doubt they do:


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