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Latest in Technology - E-Toilet

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perhaps, for geeks like us, this is something that you really don’t wanna miss. The e-Toilet, which was unveiled by Bill Gates, if you really can’t let go of surfing the net, even just to spend few minutes in the toilet, this is a must-have. The eToilet lets you surf the net, play music from Zune and it also monitors your personal hygiene by shutting down the lid automatically if left open.

The eToilet includes a 21-inch flat-screen monitor built into the toilet lid itself that swings out on a swivel arm when you are….. in position. Many of its functions are activated by touch, and the eToilet contains a proximity sensor that will protect the screen from spray during use or flushing.

Additionally, the eToilet’s composition gauge will offer web-based dietary recommendations and guidelines based on the physical makeup of the material that is input into the device, and it has a delay mechanism to prevent flushing while someone is in the shower. However, arguably the most intriguing feature of the eToilet is the integration of Microsoft’s patented eLoo technology that allows for the activation of remote call features.

It’ll be out in the market next month, which will retail between $499 to $599. I’m just simply very thankful to Microsoft for taking its best effort to get geeks like us glued to the computer and Internet.


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