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Cell phone radiation: the long terms effects

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The debate over the harmful effects of microwave radiation is about to heat up again. A report issued by the Environmental Working Group has linked cell phone radiation to a number of nasty health problems.


Phone radiation levels
An interesting accompaniment is a chart of radiation output of all common cell phone models. The worst offenders on the list seemed to come from Motorola, whilst Nokia and Samsung generally reside in the lower end of the scale. A number of the popular smart phones were also pretty near to the upper limits, but then again, other popular smart phones weren’t.

The top 10 lists are as follows, according to TechRepublic:

Smart phones with highest radiation
1. T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (1.55 W/kg) – (also known as the HTC Magic)
2. Blackberry Curve 8330 (1.54 W/kg)
3. Palm Treo 600 (1.53 W/kg)
4. T-Mobile Shadow (1.53 W/kg) – (also known as the HTC Shadow)
5. Palm Treo 650 (1.51 W/kg)
6. Blackberry Curve 8300 (1.51 W/kg)
7. Blackberry Bold 9000 (1.51 W/kg)
8. Sony Ericsson P910a (1.50 W/kg)
9. HTC SMT 5800 (1.49 W/kg)
10. BlackBerry Pearl 8120/8130 (1.48 W/kg)

Smartphones with lowest radiation
1. Nokia 9300i (0.21 W/kg)
2. Nokia 7710 (0.22 W/kg)
3. T-Mobile MDA Wiza200 (0.28 W/kg)
4. Samsung Impression SGH-a877 (0.35 W/kg)
5. Nokia 9300 (0.44 W/kg)
6. Samsung Propel Pro SGH-i627 (0.47 W/kg)
7. Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 (0.49 W/kg)
8. BlackBerry Storm 9530 (0.57 W/kg)
9. Nokia E90 (0.59 W/kg)
10. Nokia N96 (0.68 W/kg)

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