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Friday, July 24, 2009

How do I use your 'bip bip, ring ring' call feature?


Zenofon's flagship product is the "bip bip, zeno message, ring ring". This method gives you a new number to call for each of your most expensive contacts and offers you maximium convenience and two options when you make the call. After you set up your number as one of "your contacts", you will see a phone number in the left hand corner of the screen. That number is unique to that contact. Save that number in your cellphone. When you dial that phone number you will hear a "bip bip"sound, then a message, "Zenofon is now connecting your call", whereupon Zenofon forwards your call to the number you added in the "contact's phone number" field. If you hang up before the message "Zenofon is now connecting your call", something cool happens. Zenofon will call you back, (with the number you chose to be your Zenofon callback number), and then. when you pick up. will call the number of your contact.

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