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Lazy Days Hammock

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In terms of sheer decadence, lazing around in a hammock is up there with jet-skiing around your yacht or getting the nearest pneumatic blond to shake your dice. Thankfully hammocks are a lot cheaper than yachts and casino fines. But unless you've got a degree in macramé or a holiday home in Fiji they're not that easy to come by.

Yes, you can buy one on your hols, but trying to find two perfectly-spaced coconut trees to hang it between isn't easy, especially in non-tropical Blighty. And that's where the hi-tech Lazy Days Hammock comes in.


This superior portable hammock can be erected in seconds and you don't need sailor-standard knotting skills to do it. Best of all the whole kit and caboodle weighs less than 22 pounds and folds up into a handy rucksack/carry case, so you can take it wherever you fancy - up the park, down the common, on the beach or in the garden.

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