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Cool Gift or Not ? Seriously Snuggly Snakes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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There's no two ways about it, these are Seriously Snuggly Snakes, which isn't something you can usually say about our reptilian friends. Sure, they make great pets but they're not the cuddliest of creatures (unless they happen to be a constrictor, but their cuddles are best avoided). Now you can choose between 3 plush cuddly toy snakes - Sydney, Basil or Marmaduke. Sydney the Giant Green Snake and Basil are brothers (or at least we assume they are, as both of them are green) and Marmaduke is the maverick of the trio, with his lovely brown complexion. They're quite ridiculously long and make quite a fetching scarf for those chillier days in the office - or for when marketing get a bit gung-ho with the air con. If you know someone who's a python fan (not the monty variety) then get them one of these cool and cuddly snakes. They're snuggably huggable. Buy One Here


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