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Latest from Kingston – 128 GB Flash Disk

Friday, June 19, 2009


Kingston Technology First to Market with a 128GB Capacity USB Drive

Kingston Technology Europe recently announced the release of the Kingston DataTraveler 200, the world’s first 128GB USB Flash drive.

The Kingston DataTraveler 200 provides users with the option to password protect their data, as well as giving consumers and business users the flexibility to carry vast amounts of data with them at all times.

“The DataTraveler 200’s immense 128GB storage capability lets users store as much data as 182 music CDs or up to 27 DVD movies. Business users benefit as they can carry around large databases or files whilst they are out of the office,” said Jim Selby, European Product Marketing Manager, Kingston Technology.

“The password protection facility helps safeguard data and requires no admin rights, making the DataTraveler 200 a terrific solution for the home or office.” The Kingston 128 GB USB Drive arrives just short of a decade after Trek Technology and IBM launched their first USB Flash Drives commercially.  IBM's USB flash drive became available in late 2000 and had a storage capacity of 8 MB.

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