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Danger Bomb Clock gets you up and going with a bang

Friday, June 19, 2009


Need a little extra prodding or hours of cajoling before you get out of bed? Need to dress in time, avoid wolfing down your breakfast and causing near-death encounters trying to catch the last morning shuttle to work? Then, here is an exciting new option for you to wake up with a bang: literally!
The Danger Bomb alarm clock works on a simple principle for arousing sleepy-heads: it scares you awake! Have not heard of that one yet?
Not quiet a bomb, but aspiring for explosive power status, the Danger Bomb alarm clock lets out a powerful array of continuous explosion sounds that need to be disabled physically by following a light-up code (which is reset every morning) and by unhooking the correct wire! A whole new perspective to getting an incentive to wake up every morning on time is not it not having to defuse a bomber-type alarm clock that yells for attention?

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