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Interesting Restaurant - No Food Bills!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is such a great idea and a great social experiment in other human beings where you trust them to do the right thing.

The Little Bay restaurant in London has decided to start a month long “pay what you want” deal where customers only pay whatever they think the food and drink was worth.  Nothing more.

In case you’re thinking that the owner is totally certifiable and the restaurant will be out of business by the end of that month, they’re only copying another establishment called the Berlin Weinerei (in Berlin obviously!) which has been doing the same thing for the past 10 years.

Food and drink are given to the customers, then at the end, the customers can decide how much to pay.  According to the Guardian article, some people pay as much as EUR 25 ($32) while others rip the place off by only leaving EUR 5 ($6.40).   So you’re not going to get rich with this business model, but you’re certainly going to get noticed by the customers and the media.

Do you think this kind of restaurant would work in your country?  Would people pay properly or would they just rip the place off?   Do you think this is an interesting social experiment or a silly business idea?

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