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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Looks ridiculous, but nothing short of awesome! Don’t bother chucking your old bicycle, because someone like me may well be waiting to share his thoughts, appreciating the unexpected with a tinge of oddity, but a smile on his face. A smile saying;

Ride-on O rider

For you’ll make that far

Where time is on your side and no hurdle holds a bar

Go on yee braveheart, don’t stop till the end

Terrain ain’t easy, but it sure can bend

All your foes are behind, got nothing to fear

God’s on your side, if no one’s near!


Terminator salvation motorcycle - H`asta la vista baby

Wouldn’t you pity robots playing negative in Terminator Salvation? Well, it’s like, robots from nuts and bolts having to face a bike, literally a bofors! Never thought, nor saw something so astray, but I’ll run if it comes my way! It’s just a picture that’s making me swell; thankfully I’m no robot from hell!


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