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Digital Measuring Tape

Sunday, July 19, 2009



Getting accurate measurements is important whether it's a repair project in the garage or a new experiment in the lab. Sometimes a fraction of an inch can mean the difference between a successful experiment and a complete meltdown. Of course we realize that sometimes complete meltdowns are the experiment.



The Digital Measuring Tape features a large easy-to-read display that is capable of memorizing your measurements with the push of a button. It can give measurements in either feet and inches or metric units and will even display fractions of an inch (as small as 1/16th) just like a standard tape measure. There is also a setting for adding the case length for taking inside measurements. The Digital Measuring Tape turns on and off automatically, when the tape is extended (on) or fully retracted back into the case (off). Price: USD 20. Buy it Here


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