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Advanced Universal Remote - Logitech Harmony 1100

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The new Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote is an upgrade to the 1000 model, and features a 3.5 inch color touch screen that’s complimented with a set of soft buttons on the sides, and dedicated volume and channel buttons to the right. Now these buttons technically duplicate functionality already found on the touch screen, but I like the fact that you can adjust the volume and change the channel without having to look away from the screen.

And like with all the Logitech Harmony models, programming the 1100 to replace up to 15 different remotes is easy thanks to their guided online setup that currently supports more than 225,000 devices from over 5,000 brands. But if things get too complicated, the UI on the large touch screen can also be re-configured to show only the commands you want to see, even to the point of choosing a custom icon for each one. Now that large display does raise the issue of battery life, but the remote comes with a docking cradle, so whenever it’s not in use or lost, the battery should be recharging.

The Logitech Harmony 1100 is expected to be available in February for $499.99


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