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Autostart Mobile Applications

Monday, January 19, 2009

If you are (manually) starting the same application on your mobile phone over and over again after powering it on you might be inclined to Auto-Start the application instead to speed up that process and reduce the time it takes to fiddle around with the phone’s controls. Some applications where this might be useful are voice recorders, music players or WiFi detectors.

might be just the application you have been looking for. It is compatible to a variety of mobile phones. Lots of Nokia phones like the popular N73, N95, E90 or N96 are on the list of supported phones but you also find many Samsung and a few other mobile phone brands on the list.


The application works in principle like the Windows startup folder। The mobile phone owner selects applications that he wants to Auto-Start and enables Powerboot afterwards. The selected applications will then be automatically started when the phone is turned on.

Powerboot offers several options on how to add applications to the startup. It is possible to pick an application from all installed applications, a running application or a Java application. There are also two modes to consider: Safe Mode and Quick Mode. Safe Mode displays a query before autostarting applications while quick mode will start them without interaction.

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